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World’s Best Taco Cities

The taco is perhaps the perfect food: It’s equally delicious when prepared using family recipes or bouts of culinary insanity. It’s hand-held and portable. And, most importantly, it’s available pretty much anywhere: trucks, fine dining restaurants, family gatherings, and random Tuesdays at dingy-ass bars alike. A great taco is easy to find. But these, well, these are beyond great.

Mexico City

Welcome to the taco capital of the world! You’re craving some carnitas? The Rincón Tarasco has you covered. Wanna try some of the best Mexican style barbacoa? Just pay a visit to Los Tres Reyes next Sunday. Curious about cochinita and other Yucatan delicacies? Head to El Turix in Polanco. Vegan? Not an issue! Siempre Vegana Taquería has a scrumptious menu waiting for you. But whatever you do, don’t leave the city without trying tacos al pastor, specifically, don’t leave the city without paying a visit to El Pastorcito. Every single taco you eat in the future will be a runner up to this. El Tizoncito and El Fogoncito are a some other famous places to enjoy a wide variety of tacos in Mexico City. Others, like Taquería Susy and El Califa are gaining popularity among locals and are definitely worth paying a visit.

Los Angeles

If you ask a hundred people for the best taqueria in LA, you’ll probably get a hundred different answers and they’ll all be correct. Los Angeles is home to one of the biggest Mexican communities outside Mexico and the quality and variety of its taquerias doesn’t disappoint: Leo’s Tacos Truck serves tacos al pastor like the ones you believe you’d never find outside Mexico. Ricky’s Fish Tacos has some of the best shrimp and fish tacos with the original Ensenada flavor, and Carnitas El Momo is a perfect place to get rid of your hangover. But LA also caters to the fancy taco crowd: visit Guerilla Tacos if you wanna try some of the most unique taco fillings to ever come out of a food truck (yes cauliflower with medjool dates, I’m calling you unique and fancy). Or forget everything you know about traditional tacos and pay a visit to Revolutionario, the home of the North African taco. You got that right: North African tacos!


The city credited with the invention of Caesar salad is also home of the famous Tijuana style taco, and quite a taco this is! Overloaded with guacamole and filled with the best asada (steak) and adobada (spicy pork steak) from northern Mexico, these tacos are second to none and locals prefer them over every taco variation from central Mexico. Fresh seafood also provides a variety of ingredients to the already impressive taco scene. Visit Mariscos El Mazateño or Tacos Titos if you wanna learn how tortillas make every kind of seafood better; if asada and adobada are everything you can think of right now, you deserve a visit to Taconazo or Tacos El Franc; and if you want a lesson on how cheese makes everything better, don’t forget to check in at Los Salceados and order some of their famous quesatacos. Enjoy!

New York City

NYC is the largest stronghold of real Mexican food on the East Coast and even if its taco offer is not as varied as its Californian counterpart, the joints scattered around the city are some of the best outside Mexico and will leave any taco connoisseur pleasantly surprised with the quality of their fillings and their tortillas. Pay a visit to Taco Mix, where the flying pineapples and the double tortilla of tacos al pastor will immediately remind you of your favourite street stall in Mexico City; rediscover your norteño heritage with a healthy dose of asada and adobada tacos at Los Tacos No 1, or visit Taquería Izucar for some of the best suadero this side of the border. But wait, there’s more! If you’re looking for some unique options without leaving the Mexican specialties aside, visit Toloache and ask for the spicy lobster tacos; you can even add some chapulines (grasshoppers) if you’re feeling bold!
New York also hosts one of the most interesting fast food experiments: the Korean taco. Both Kimchi Taco and Korilla BBQ are good spots to discover what the Mexican-Korean food craze is all about.


The quest to find authentic Mexican food in Europe is difficult. However, tacos and other traditional Mexican dishes somehow managed to avoid their common misconceptions and occupy the streets of the German capital in all their glory. The offer is really diverse and even Mexicans will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the local tacos (some of them are surprisingly spicy too!). Carnitas, tacos dorados, enmoladas, gobernador style tacos… You name it, there’s a food joint in Berlin that has you covered. Places like Ta’ Cabrón Taquería, provide a full Spanish menu for Spanish speakers, and others, like Agüevo, offer different aguas frescas to accompany their traditional antojitos. María Bonita, Chaparro and Tin Tan are some other good options to get your German taco fix. Don’t forget to take a good shot of mezcal to wash down those quesadillas. Prost!